Acknowledgement & Release from Liability  

Thank you for contacting and choosing Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC for your holistic Womb Wellness services. To facilitate your services, it is important that you read and understand the following conditions:


Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC, and its constituents do not diagnose, treat, cure, claim to cure, or prevent any disease. We are NOT physicians and therefore do not diagnose or treat disease, or prescribe drugs.


As a Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, Practitioner, and Holistic Health Care Provider, our Holistic Health Services are solely for the purpose of helping the client to attain and maintain optimum health. At all times your healing is your responsibility. It is our belief that when given the proper nutrition, and nourishment mentally, physically, and spiritually, the body can heal itself. Services provided through Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC are not to be substituted for a physician's advice. Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC services are complementary holistic healing alternatives are supplemental and are completely elective.


You hereby request consent to receiving steaming care and other holistically related healing modality services from Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC. These services include and are not limited to support of the changing womb, regaining balance, energy healing, crystal therapy, self-care instructions, womb stimulation, fertility enhancement, sexual trauma release, sound therapy, clay detox, aromatherapy, nutrition and lifestyle consultations. You are required to advise your Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, Practitioner of any conditions, including Pregnancy, physical disabilities, (such as back injuries), or past/recent surgeries. Clients are also required to notify Practitioners of conditions that are contagious that may prevent you from receiving our services now. The client is responsible to inform your Practitioner if at any time during your care you experience any pain or discomfort.


You have been advised of the possible benefits of receiving Vaginal (Yoni) Steams including but not limited to weight loss, pain management, stress relief, cleansing and detoxing, strengthening, and toning of the uterus and the reduction of the severity of certain conditions and disease. Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC reserves the right to terminate or refuse its services to any person posing a health risk, and/or safety threat and/or for any inappropriate behaviors.


You are required to pay for all services provided by Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC prior to your session. You may pay by cash, money order, or credit card. You are hereby advised that all records rendered by Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC concerning your care are kept confidential and will not be released by Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC, or its providers without your written consent unless otherwise required by law.


I hereby acknowledge that I have read this Acknowledgement and Release from Liability form and fully understand the nature of the services being provided and freely agree to receive service. I release Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC and its Practitioners, on behalf of myself from medical claims of malpractice, non-disclosure, or lack of informed consent. I freely assume all risks of the services provided presently or hereafter.


By electronically signing (or checking the associated online box indicating an agreement of these terms, conditions, and disclaimers), you agree Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC is holistic health care and wellness provider and to the above disclaimer release any liability and give permission and authorize Sacred Womb Wellness Spa, LLC to work with you to provide you with their complementary holistic health and wellness services.