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Sacred Services

Sacred Services

Full Body Massage

Full body massage reduces stress, pain and overall tension. Massage is good for digestive disorders and more.

Vaginal Steam/Yoni

This blend is designed to cleanse, detox, rejuvenate and revitalize your yoni. Show yourself some “Love” by toning and tighten those pelvic muscles.

Womb Stimulation

Lower abdominal stimulation (massage) that improves blood circulation and awaken your vital organs to enhance their functionality. Included with clay wrapping designed to relieve IBS and abdominal pain. which tones, slims and detoxifies your lower and abdominal pelvic area. 

Iconic Foot Detox

A holistic method of eliminating harmful toxins and heavy metals and other harmful foreign matters from the feet. Enjoy this service by relaxing in warm water and mineral sea salts. The body will re-energize itself by eliminating toxins from the kidneys, bowels, skin, liver, and lymphatic system. This process  will continue to detoxify your body for 48 hours after the service.

Ear Candling

A holistic process to clear the ear canal by extracting toxic debris, excess wax and pollutants. This improves hearing and clearing the sinus cavities.

Yoni Yoga

This restorative Yoga is relaxing and intended to heal and restore the pelvic floor muscles. Increasing your strength and flexibility in equal measures. A one hour session can be practiced with or without a Yoni egg.

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